In the Washroom

Why do kids with DCD have difficulties in the washroom?

Muscle control: Children with DCD may have reduced muscle control, which can lead to accidents because of the complex muscle coordination required for this task.

Reduced sensation: A child with DCD might not have the sensation to feel when he or she has to go. This might also make it difficult to feel how much pressure to use for wiping.

Relying on vision: Children with DCD use vision to guide their hands, which can make wiping a challenge.

Clothing management, buttons and fasteners: Managing clothes and manipulating buttons and fasteners can be time-consuming for a child with DCD. This struggle can lead to accidents before a child can get undressed and onto the toilet.

Anxiety about accidents: A child might have anxiety about going to the washroom at school so they try to hold it in. This can lead to stomach upset and constipation.